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Popular Bar Terminology To Known.

We listed below the most popular terminology used in the bartending industry. Becoming familiar with the terminology will help you feel more like a professional bartender. 30 Popular Bar Terminologies: 1. Box - Pouring a drink in and out of a shaker, to quickly mix without shaking. 2. Call Drink - Is a drink defined by the brand of liquor used. (ie. Bacardi and Coke) 3. Chaser - A mixer that is drank right after a shot of liquor to create a different taste. 4. Cocktail - An alcoholic beverage consisting of whiskey, brandy, vodka, or gin and combined with fruit juices or other liquors. 5. Crusta - A sour-type drink served in a glass that is lined with a continuous strip of orange or lemon peel. 6. Daisy - A sour type drink usually made with rum or gin. It is served in an over sized glass with crushed ice and sweetened with a fruit syrup. 7. Lace - Normally the last ingredient, meaning to pour onto the top of the drink. 8. Fix - A sour-type drink, made with crushed ice in a large goblet. 9. Flip - A creamy chilled drink made of eggs, sugar, and a wine or spirit. Brandy and sherry flips are two of the better known kinds. 10. Frappé - A partially frozen drink, usually mixture and served over a mound of crushed ice. 11. Grog - A rum-based drink, mixed with water, sugar, fruit juice and served in a large mug. 12. Highball - Any spirit served with ice and soda water, usually in a highball glass. 13. Julep - An alcoholic drink made of bourbon, mint, sugar and crushed ice. 14. Lowball - A short drink serviced in a small glass made of spirits served with ice, water or soda. 15. Mulls - Heated liquor, wine or beer, sweetened and spiced. 16. Negus - A drink mix combination containing a wine and heated with spices and sweetened. 17. Nip - A quarter of a bottle. 18. On The Rocks - A drink poured over ice cubes. 19. Posset - A mixture of heated beer or wine curdled with milk, eggs, and spices. 20. Puff - A drink made of equal parts milk and liquor, then topped with club soda and ice. 21. Shooter - A shot of whiskey or other kind of spirit. 22. Sling - A drink made with either brandy, whiskey or gin, with lemon juice, sugar and soda water. It is served both hot and cold. 23. Smash - A short julep made of liquor, sugar, and mint, served in a small glass. 24. Sour - A short drink consisting of liquor, lemon/lime juice and sugar. 25. Supercall - Also known as top shelf or super premium. The high octane, often higher proof alcohols, or super-aged or flavored versions. 26. Syllabub - A beverage made from a mixture of sweetened milk/cream, wine and spices. 27. Toddy - A sweetened drink of liquor and hot water, often with spices and served in a tall glass. 28. Tot - A small amount of liquor. 29. Virgin - A non-alcoholic drink. 30. Well Drink - A liquor and mixer, of which neither are defined brands. (i.e. Gin and Tonic, Rum and Coke)
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