Drink Ideas For The Winter

Mixed Drinks To Enjoy This Winter.

Winter is here and spending more time indoors does not mean it has to be boring. If you are with family or with friends, mixed drinks are a perfect way to entertain on a cold winter day. We assembled some of the best winter mixed drinks. Click on the links to see how these great tasting drinks are made. Mixed Drinks For Winter: Irish Coffee This classic drink is made with Irish whiskey, sugar, cream, and brewed coffee. It will keep you warm and rejuvenate your senses unlike any other steaming mug can. Hot Buttered Rum Sweet, spicy, and warm, it does not get much more relaxing than a Hot Buttered Rum after a long winter day. The buttery mixture can be made ahead of time to make it faster to prepare. Rye & Ginger Ale Quick and easy to make, just mix rye whiskey and ginger ale. Scotch & Lime This cold drink will make you warm inside with blended Scotch whiskey and lime juice. Hot Toddy Warm up from the cold with this spin on hot tea. The Hot Toddy is made with brandy, whiskey or rum and includes honey, lemon and is mixed with tea. Millionaire You will feel like a millionaire with this sweet tasting drink. It is made with rye whiskey, Grand Marnier, egg whites and grenadine. Bloody Mary Bloody Mary is a very popular drink. With it’s spicy taste, it is warming and delicious. This homemade version is much better than the ready-made mixes. Butter Baby This is a great spin a the traditional hot chocolate. Just add butterscotch schnapps and top with whipped cream. Rusty Nail For a warm up on the rocks, this Scotch and Drambuie cocktail is an excellent idea. Despite being chilled, this easy, soothing drink does a nice job of warming your blood with its smoky, honeyed, herbal combination.
Winter Mixed Drinks
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